Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Nervia Valley I

Nervia Valley

Val Nervia is perhaps one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere on the western Riviera. It stretches for some twenty kilometres from the sea to the ridges of the Alpes Maritimes, a majestic group of mountains whose sweeping prospect gives it the name of piccole Dolomiti di Liguria (“little Dolomites of Liguria”). welcomes to our fantastic and best mobile casino uk. It has a full range of slots (including multi-line and progressive slots) and many big jackpots to play.

Near the coast, the abundance of water flowing through the wide, rocky bed of the river Nervia, bursting with vegetation (reeds and shrubs), makes it an area of great natural interest which is known as a “zona umida” (wetland). The properties of the river are much appreciated by migrating birds who take refuge there during their long flights in Spring and Autumn, using it as a breeding ground. Continue reading “Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Nervia Valley I”