Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Part I

A land of great charm and warm, cordial welcomes which is truly Italian in flavour; a crossroads where trade and tourism meet, a place where the colours of the sea merge with the hues of the Mediterranean flora, in a lush natural setting warmed by a year-round Spring-like climate which is impervious to the passing seasons. Olives, vines and citrus trees dominate the hillsides, mingling in with the nurseries and their crops of flowers, evidence of human toil and a thousand-year-old civilisation which has transformed the appearance of the local area.

Along the coast there are beaches and gardens, welcoming hotels and villas set amid the green; further up, the valleys are home to ancient hilltop villages, plateaux, mountains and untouched landscapes. On the border between Italy and France, the reddish cliffs of capo Mortola hold evidence of settlements dating back to the late Palaeolithic. Nearby are the Hanbury Gardens, truly unique for their landscaping, geomorphological layout, microclimate and Continue reading “Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Part I”