Fish and Seafood

Stoccafisso Brandacujun

Ingredients: 500 gr potatoes; 750 gr soaked stockfish; 1 clove garlic; 1 tablespoon pine nuts; a pinch of pepper; lemon juice; parsley, extra virgin olive oil. Find the best online casino in Australia, or play online pokies at Preparation: Boil the stockfish in salted water. Peel the potatoes and boil them with the fish for about 20 minutes. When done remove the skin and bones from the fish and chop it. Put it in a pot with the mashed potatoes, add oil, lemon juice and the finely chopped parsley, garlic and pine nuts. Mix well adding, if necessary, more oil and a pinch of pepper. Serve it lukewarm. Octopus with potatoes Ingredients for 6 persons: 1.200 gr. octopus; 500 gr. potatoes; 1 garlic clove; 1 parsley tuft; the juice of one lemon; extra virgin olive oil DOP “Riviera Ligure” (certified area of production); salt and pepper. For the broth: 1 small carrot; 1 onion, 1 garlic clove; 1 celery rib; a little more parsley. Preparation: Clean the octopus and skin if big in size. Wash accurately and set in a pot with cold water and vegetables. Bring to boil and stew until Continue reading “Fish and Seafood”

San Ampelio

Die Blumenriviera hat nicht nur ein türkisblaues Meer sondern auch grüne Wälder und das Grau der Alpengebirge zu bieten. Hier warten, weitab von den mondänen Hotels der Küste und dem berühmten Spielkasino, stille Wälder und romantische Ortschaften auf den Besucher.

Zwischen Capo San Ampelio und Capo Nero liegt Ospedaletti, das im 14. Jahrhundert von den Rittern des Hl. Johannes von Jerusalem gegründet wurde.

Wo sollen wir zuerst Spazierengehen? Im alten Städtchen mit der Kirche Sant’Erasmo, und dem alten Hospiz für Pilger, oder in der Neustadt zwischen Palmen, Eukalyptus, Villen und Gärten? In jedem Fall warten interessante Sehenswürdigkeiten auf uns. So wie die beiden aus dem 16. Jahrhundert stammenden Sarazenertürme. Wenn wir an der Küste entlang Continue reading “San Ampelio”

The Caves of Balzi Rossi

The Caves of Balzi Rossi

Hidden below the village of Grimaldi which rises steeply out of the sea are the caves of Balzi Rossi. Their name comes from the rugged morphology of the local area and the reddish colour of the rocks. Homo erectus sought refuge here some two hundred thousand years ago, making use of the deep caves and vertical crevices in the rock. The importance of the site in pale-ethnological terms was first theorised by the 18th century naturalist, de Saussure, and later backed up by the research which Prince Florestano I of Monaco carried out in 1846. At you can play at one of the most popular online casino in Singapore.

Excavation work by Italian and French teams brought to light a large number of finds which are now kept in the national museum of prehistory, founded by Sir Thomas Hanbury in the late nineteenth century. Housed in the museum are complex stone tools and ornaments and fossils of animals from hot periods (elephants, hippopotami and rhinoceroses) and cold periods (marmots and even reindeer), exceptional evidence of the climatic variations which occurred from one geological era to the next. The area has also yielded Continue reading “The Caves of Balzi Rossi”

Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Nervia Valley I

Nervia Valley

Val Nervia is perhaps one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere on the western Riviera. It stretches for some twenty kilometres from the sea to the ridges of the Alpes Maritimes, a majestic group of mountains whose sweeping prospect gives it the name of piccole Dolomiti di Liguria (“little Dolomites of Liguria”). welcomes to our fantastic and best mobile casino uk. It has a full range of slots (including multi-line and progressive slots) and many big jackpots to play.

Near the coast, the abundance of water flowing through the wide, rocky bed of the river Nervia, bursting with vegetation (reeds and shrubs), makes it an area of great natural interest which is known as a “zona umida” (wetland). The properties of the river are much appreciated by migrating birds who take refuge there during their long flights in Spring and Autumn, using it as a breeding ground. Continue reading “Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Nervia Valley I”

Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Part I

A land of great charm and warm, cordial welcomes which is truly Italian in flavour; a crossroads where trade and tourism meet, a place where the colours of the sea merge with the hues of the Mediterranean flora, in a lush natural setting warmed by a year-round Spring-like climate which is impervious to the passing seasons. Olives, vines and citrus trees dominate the hillsides, mingling in with the nurseries and their crops of flowers, evidence of human toil and a thousand-year-old civilisation which has transformed the appearance of the local area.

Along the coast there are beaches and gardens, welcoming hotels and villas set amid the green; further up, the valleys are home to ancient hilltop villages, plateaux, mountains and untouched landscapes. On the border between Italy and France, the reddish cliffs of capo Mortola hold evidence of settlements dating back to the late Palaeolithic. Nearby are the Hanbury Gardens, truly unique for their landscaping, geomorphological layout, microclimate and Continue reading “Bordighera and Ventimiglia – Part I”